Voters ask.
Candidates answer.

Democracy connected.

What is Rep'd?

Rep'd is a civic engagement platform that powers the digital conversation between voters and candidates, constituents and elected officials.
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Voters Can...

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    Post or ask a question.
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    Watch candidate answers.
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    Comment on and share videos.

Candidates Can...

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    Analyze voter trends + data.
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    Answer trending voter questions.
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    Drive donations and volunteers.
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Me and my Brother

Brothers on a mission.

In 2020, brothers Mike and Dave Baumwoll sought to find a way to strengthen our democracy amidst a devastating pandemic, entrenched social media bubbles, and unprecedented levels of political polarization. At the heart of our democracy is the notion that voters are empowered to make informed choices about candidates and that candidates understand the issues that matter to voters. They created Rep'd to strengthen that connection and elevate our democracy.

Rep'd provides voters and candidates with a method of streamlined, responsive interaction during a time of decreased in-person campaigning. With so many questions about our nation's future Rep'd creates a digital conversation between voters and candidates so that voters ask, candidates answer, and voters are notified once their question is answered. It's that simple.

Our American democracy relies on a strong connection between voter and candidate. Rep'd takes that connection to the next level.

About the Founders

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Mike Baumwoll, Co-Founder

Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur focused on building the next big innovation in politics. A graduate of the Founder Institute and a previous member of the NYU Steinhardt EdTech Incubator and WeWork Labs, Mike is leveraging his 12+ years in Digital Media - the last 6.5 years at Twitter - into promoting voter and constituent engagement in politics. Mike holds a BA from Lafayette College.

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Dave Baumwoll, Co-Founder

Dave is an attorney and entrepreneur in New York City passionate about strengthening our democracy. A former prosecutor, Dave has worked to reform the criminal justice system with the NYC Mayor's Office and written on the critical role prosecutors can play in implementing reforms. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Dave served as an elementary school teacher with Teach for America in Newark, NJ and as an education program consultant with Newark Mayor Cory Booker. David is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC), Inc., a national not-for-profit dedicated to empowering students to fight back against cancer. David holds a BA from Tufts University, an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a JD from Rutgers Law School.